San Pancho Rentals Selva Suites Vacation Rental Late 2019 – Four Months Building Progress

It has been four months since we broke ground and started building our San Pancho rentals vacation rental home along with its rental suites in San Pancho. The property will be comparable in quality and competitive in price and amenities offered to hotels in San Pancho Nayarit in Mexico. San Pancho located in the state of Nayarit, Mexico has been gaining some fame due to ABC’s show Bachelor in Paradise. The show is primarily filmed at the next village to San Pancho, called Sayulita. Sayulita is a 5-minute drive from San Pancho. The show has visited our San Pancho village for some of the dates. Although it is fun and funny to see this on TV, we appreciate the privacy, quietness, elegant and subtle luxury it currently has, and we want San Pancho to continue being that unique experience visitors would have.
We named our San Pancho rental home, Selva Suites in San Pancho. During these 4 months of building our San Pancho vacation rental, we completed the huge interconnected water cisterns of 314 m3 with a capacity of 314,000 liters or 82,950 gallons!!! Also completed the foundation walls of the infinity swimming pool along with the extension wall posts supporting the lower level of the pool, the first floor level with the plumbing and electric conduits and have started to put up the Hebel block walls making up the first rooms.
Kids swimming pool and balcony with ocean and jungle view
Kids swimming pool and balcony with ocean and jungle view

This is the view from one of the suites. To the left is what will eventually be the pool for kids and adults loving being kids, to enjoy the ocean & jungle view. Or sit on the balcony immersed in the jungle to stare the view, listen and observe nature. Visit

We have had a pleasant surprise. At the lower level, there are column posts supporting part of the building structure of the master rental suite. That area is really large and covered with an amazing 160 degree immersed view of the jungle. Because of its location, under the building, close to the ground and surrounded by the thick jungle, it enjoys cooler temperatures. We will most probably complete this, by adding simple bathroom facilities and visitors will be able to enjoy a very unique experience of being in the jungle with the comforts of a home – or it will be my private hide-out place, my man-cave or the dog-house (the “dog” being me)  depending on the circumstances!! 🙂 LOL
The road to San Pancho is absolutely amazing driving through what seems a jungle-tunnel formed by the surrounding jungle trees. The Hebel building blocks for the rental rooms are great. They are light, easy to install, yet strong with sound and thermal insulation of the rental. The views even at the first level are better than expected, with a mixture of jungle and ocean vistas of San Pancho. I like to think of the San Pancho vacation rental home Selva Suites as the secret paradise in hiding or in Spanish el Paraiso Escondido en San Pancho!
In the meantime, we have been building and testing behind the scenes of the website reservation system. Visitors will be able to search for room availability and reserve a room online with instant email confirmation and a PDF attachment of the reservation details. An Invoice will follow with instructions on how to complete the payment. It will be possible to pay by direct bank account deposit, or by electronically transferring the funds using Zelle, or by PayPal/Credit Card.  The reservation system appears to be working great, it has a clean interface and is easy to use. Visitors will be able to add optional services to the reservation, such as Airport Transfers, massage sessions on-site at Selva Suites, private chef cooking meals prepared at Selva Suites, nature, bird-watching, and other tours. The reservation system is responsive which means that it will be able to function on any type of device, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
There is still a lot of work to be done, but for now, enjoy the latest 5-minute YouTube video below showing the past 4 months of building.

This is also a reminder that our San Pancho rental will not be found in real estate rental sites like Airbnb, VRBO, Zillow, Craigslist, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, Bookings or any of the local rental home management agencies here in San Pancho. If the question is where or which is the best hotel or vacation houses for rent in San Pancho or rental home to stay in San Pancho Mexico, then the answer is right here at the San Pancho rental Selva Suites reserved only directly through our secure website Only 4 minutes away from the San Pancho (San Francisco) beach and La Patrona’s Club de Playa with one of the best beaches in Nayarit, Mexico for surfing. Also an amazing place for horseback riding at the exclusive La Patrona’s Polo Club.

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