Reserve your vacation and work remotely for a short-term, extended time, or long-term stay at San Pancho rentals Selva Suites. Work remotely from San Pancho while on holidays and vacationing.
San Pancho Nayarit vacation rentals suffer from good internet connectivity. The most common question is whether there is good enough internet in San Francisco for someone to work remotely. To clarify, we are not referring to San Francisco, California. We are talking about rental homes in the San Francisco village in Nayarit, Mexico, also known as San Pancho to work remotely.
Due to Covid-19, people are interested in joining the digital nomads to work remotely. They look for a remote work lifestyle at a vacation rental home in San Pancho. This post is for remote employees, contractors, or freelancers joining the digital nomads at a San Pancho rental home. It is for people looking for a place to rent combining vacation and work. Also for people looking for short-term rental, long-term rental, or extended time off without losing contact with work.
San Pancho is a desirable place for digital nomads and remote workers. I see the question of remote work in San Pancho’s homes for rent, repeatedly in forums and Facebook messages. Social media responses are funny and sarcastic because in general, the internet in San Pancho is unstable. Here is a comprehensive list of internet connection options for working remotely in San Pancho.
Starlink (SpaceX subsidiary) Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satelite Internet. Our San Pancho rental Selva Suites is currently the only one I know that has pre-applied for the latest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satelite Internet service provided by Starlink (a Subsidiary of SpaceX) owned by Elon Musk. This is truly the most reliable and fast internet service available anywhere. It is far superior to the old satellite internet services. We will be the first to have it here at our vacation rental property Selva Suites in San Pancho towards the end of 2021.
Until we receive the Starlink equipment at our San Pancho rental Selva Suites, there is the private WiFi option. At San Pancho rental Selva Suites, we have installed the most powerful cell signal booster available in the market. This means that when you are close to our boosting antenna, you will receive a 4G LTE signal. In most of San Pancho, you get H+ or 3G signal. LTE 4G signal is available close to the 200 highway or in some parts of Tercer Mundo street. It is also available at our vacation rental Selva Suites due to the booster.
This means that you can tether your laptop to your cell phone. You can also get a powerful Skyroam WiFi Hotspot. The Skyroam WiFi Hotspot is cell-service ignorant. This means that they provide data service through whichever cell service Skyroam can link best.  When you position the Skyroam WiFi Hotspot close to our powerful cell-signal booster, you will get reliable fast internet service so you can work remotely. Since Skyroam is portable, you can take it into the village of San Pancho, or even to the beach and have internet access (assuming there is a cell signal). The added bonus is that Skyroam does not have any contract commitment.
Here are the other internet options you might find in San Pancho.
Landline DSL Internet access provided by TelMex. TelMex is Mexico’s main landline phone service provider. Along with phone service, they also provide DSL internet service. In theory, they have packages that provide up to 24Mbps. In practice, however, they deliver 2 to 3 Mbps which is laughable really. Netflix needs at least 8Mbps to stream without buffering. For a business video conference with Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, or similar there can be buffering, stuttering, image pixelizations, and voice delays. In many cases, TelMex service goes down altogether varying between 2 hours and 4 days!!!
WiFiMiFi. You will see this service offering in San Pancho with some yellow signs. This is what this company does: Internet service arrives at Sayulita WiFi via antennas. Sayulita WiFi retransmits the signal to an antenna in San Pancho MiFi. In-turn it redistributes and split this signal among the San Pancho users. As a result, signal quality is low and gets worse as more users try to use this limited supply. This means slow internet. It is good enough for email, but not good enough for say uploading YouTube videos, photo sharing, or video conferencing.
TelCel MiFi. They require a two-year subscription contract with Telcel to get a MiFi. Typically there is a 15Mb limit and it is quite expensive. All wireless providers, Telcel, AT&T Mexico often go down like TelMex and can vary from one hour to as many as 4 days!
HughesNet or ViaSat Satellite Internet. These options are relatively OK. The problem is that they require a two-year contract and are quite expensive. It costs $USD150 for a 25Mbps theoretical top speed. Real speed is 5 to 10 Mbps and has a 150Gb data cap limit. Also, the latency with HughesNet and ViaSat satellite internet service is very high at 50 or 60 milliseconds. It is extremely slow to do any meaningful work.
Starlink Low Earth Orbit (LEO)  Satelite Internet. This is by far the best option. Built by genius Elon Musk this is the next generation of Satelite Internet. Starlink has currently around 1400 satellites and is growing by 60 additional satellites per week. Our holiday rental will be the first in San Pancho to get it. True liberation, work remotely in the tranquil environment of San Pancho during the day. Watch the amazing sunsets and dine at the exquisite restaurants. Starlink currently offers a service with no data caps. The true current speeds vary between 50Mbps and 100Mbps. The target is between 250Mbps and 300 Mbps. The current latency is between 18 and 25 milliseconds. This is a tremendous reliable performance that will allow for true remote work.
If your remote work involves a lot of video conference calls using Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, and so on, then you are risking having issues when the connection is slow or non-existent. If however your remote work can be controlled in terms of time, such as writing reports, creating digital material, connecting to a system providing IT support without the need for video conference, then it would be safe to move your work to San Pancho, and using the Skyroam WiFi would be a very good option for speed, freedom, and flexibility.