Recommendations and Experiences on Surfing in San Pancho

At San Pancho rentals Selva Suites we provide the most current information on activities in San Pancho. In this article, we focus on surfing in San Pancho.
Surfing in San Pancho and the surrounding beaches is ideal, but where would you start? Most beaches have sharp rocks, so you will need to be careful. Using good local surfing experts is a good idea, regardless of whether you are taking a class or are an experienced surfer. The San Pancho and Sayulita beaches seem to cater more to experienced surfers, while La Lancha and Punta de Mita are calmer beaches ideal for learning to surf.
At our spring break, we visited our favorite surf shop in San Pancho: Santa Madre Adventures. The shop is located on the main street at 100 Avenida Tercer Mundo, close to the beach, and almost across from the Mr. Ribs restaurant. The whole team is great. They know all the beaches and are up to date on the weather, water, and surf conditions so they will choose the right beach based on your skill level.
They can accommodate both small and large groups. Our group has varied at different times from 6 to 14 persons with a mixture of adults and children. The surf shop assigns on average a teacher/guide per two persons, so the learning experience is pleasant and productive. The guides treat everyone with respect and have the patience to guide you and provide tips and tricks to get you surfing on the very first attempts. They were great with our children, helping them gain confidence fast and see surfing for what it actually is; a fun and exciting sport. They make sure to give you both theoretical and practical instructions and take you in the water slowly, which alleviates any initial fear the children (and adults) might have.
If you are an experienced surfer, Santa Madre Adventures is a great resource for location and surf conditions information. They rent all types of surfboards for all skill levels and provide transportation to the beach of your choice at very affordable rates. In the shop, you will also find clothing and surf equipment to buy, which come really handy if you have forgotten to bring some with you.
All staff is bilingual and an added comfort for safety is that they are trained in ocean rescue and first aid. The shop also offers eco-tours at Marietas islands marine reserve, yoga retreats, mountain biking, and hiking.
Here is a fun video of one of our surfing days.