San Pancho Nayarit Vacation Home Rental Suites, Breathtaking Ocean & Jungle views. Family Friendly & Wheelchair Accessible. Now with Starlink Satellite Internet!
San Pancho Rentals, in San Francisco Nayarit Vacation Home Rental Suites, Ocean Jungle views Family Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible and Starlink Internet
Welcome to our two 420 SqFt / 40 m2 Suites and 3200 SqFt / 300 m2 of patio, common and swimming pool areas. Click here to search for availability and make a reservation now.

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  • Two private suites. Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom.
  • Each sleeps 2 Adults, 2 Children.
  • Starlink Internet Access.
  • Stunning Jungle & Ocean Views.
  • Infinity swimming pool & shallow kids pool.
  • Four minutes walk to the beach.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Shared kitchen, fridge, stove.
  • Three-stage filtrated rain-collected water.
  • Solar and tankless hot water heaters.
  • Free parking.
  • Private secured community, private roads.



  • Sea-turtle releasing.
  • Unique, delicious restaurants.
  • Surfing & family-friendly classes.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Sunday brunch @ polo club with polo game.
  • Visit Islas Marietas, Sayulita, Lo de Marcos.
  • Whale watching.
  • Bird-watching on-site @ Selva Suites.
  • Massage on-site @ Selva Suites.
  • Lay down, relax, zone out, do...nothing!

Reservations & Services


  • Online direct booking, with best prices.
  • Pay online: Credit Card, PayPal, Zelle, Bank Deposit.
  • Optional airport transport service.
  • Owner is a Real Estate Investor: Learn about local land & property purchasing.
  • Learn about building & renovating in the area.
  • Learn about legal process & requirements.
  • Get managed Real Estate services.
  • Managed construction & renovation.
  • Architectural, structural, interior design.
Welcome to beautiful San Pancho Rentals Selva Suites in San Francisco, in Nayarit, Mexico and the golden playa San Pancho. It is an ideal place to spend your vacation and work remotely, being part of the digital nomads in post Covid-19 era.  This brand new San Pancho rental in the playa of San Pancho is now available to rent for your vacation. The San Pancho vacation rental home, is one of the unique properties on the jungled (selva) hills of the quaint, surf village San Pancho, the official name is San Francisco. Rent the suite rooms with jungle and ocean views. We are part of the Puerto Vallarta jungle and the extended jungle areas in Nayarit Mexico.

As opposed to the diminishing Puerto Vallarta jungles, we are proud to have developed our San Pancho Mexico real estate rental by protecting the surrounding environment. We maintain and protect all surrounding jungle vegetation.  

San Pancho is located 45 minutes drive, 41km or 25 miles north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. San Pancho is the village north of Sayulita.

San Pancho is classy, up-and-coming, yet laid-back and quiet village.

This San Pancho rental vacation home is set apart in the magnificent jungle (selva in Spanish) that surrounds the village of San Pancho. It offers peace and tranquility with immense beauty and stunning views.

It includes two separate and private suite-rooms for rent; a suite with Jungle & Ocean views and a suite with Jungle views. Each suite has a bedroom and a living room and able to sleep a family of 4; two adults and 2 children. Each suite is approximately 420 SqFt or 40 m2. The outdoor patio, covered kitchen, garage/storage and swimming pool areas are a very comfortable 3200 SqFt or about 300 m2. All of the property is wheelchair accessible, a unique feature in San Pancho.
San Pancho sandy beach in San Francisco Nayarit Mexico
The family-friendly and wheelchair accessible suite rooms feature contemporary private bathrooms.

The suites lead to patio verandas, with tables and chairs with a view of the tropical jungle and ocean of San Francisco (San Pancho).

The primary infinity swimming pool overlooks the jungle cliffs of San Pancho and the warm pacific ocean. The infinity pool waters cascade down the wall ending in the second, shallow, jungle-immersed refreshing kids' pool. Adults can also sit in this pool and enjoy that amazing view from this jungle-immersed part of the home.  Inviting lounge beds, hammocks and umbrellas will be providing ample shading to enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Plenty of covered areas to enjoy the calming sounds and visions of nature. The breathtaking views are ideal for bird-watchers and nature-lovers. You will hear and see unique birds. When it is windy, you will hear the wind rustling through the tropical jungle leaves.

If you are lucky to be there during the rainy season, the tropical rain and thunders sound and look amazing from the comfort and safety of your covered seating veranda.

Although not a beachfront hotel property, we are perfectly located a 4-minute walk to the beach. It is close enough to the beach yet we are protected from any potential high surf storm, strong winds, or hurricanes.

The rental suites are in a quiet area, on jungle foothills, with stunning ocean, village, and jungle views, and within walking distance to all points of interest: 4 minutes walk to the beach, 15 minutes walk to the village, 5 minutes walk to the golf course and the Club de Playa (Beach Club), and 10 minutes walk to the Pollo Club. Lazy to walk? very inexpensive taxis are always available. 

We are one of few properties in San Pancho that our suite rooms, which can comfortably accommodate 4 people, without the need to rent a second room. This makes it ideal for a family of 4 or even a fifth small child. So we are proudly "family-friendly".

Another unique feature for San Pancho vacation accommodations is the wheelchair accessibility. The ramps leading from the property entrance to the suites and to the upper swimming pool level. There is a continuous area without steps throughout the property, including the room entrances,  and the European style bathrooms. As a result, we are able to accommodate guests who are in need of a wheelchair.

Lots of important and informational questions are answered in our FAQs section.

Selva Suites - A great place to stay in San Pancho!
San Pancho vacation rental home, San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico
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San Pancho Rentals Suites rooms in San Pancho, Mexico with stunning Jungle (Selva) and Ocean views.
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