San Pancho Rentals Selva Suites in San Pancho One-Week Building Progress in Two and a Half Minutes Minutes YouTube Video.

What an exciting start of the San Pancho rentals project has it been. Executing on the structural plan, the top platform of the lot was excavated to make room for the perimetrical foundational walls. The dirt the came out of the excavation is reused in filling or elevating other areas.
We encountered scheduling challenges getting Cemex, the biggest concrete company in Mexico to come on time. We soon identified a local concrete company with a production plant in San Pancho. They turned out to be more reliable and cheaper than Cemex.
There was a minor defect with the vibrator used to vibrate the concrete as it is being poured into the frames and we had to manually hold one end into the hole to reach the motor!! 🙂 that was fun (not)!
Despite these challenges, we are a little ahead of the project plan and it is exciting seeing what was just a drawing just a month ago, becoming a reality. Our vacation rental will be awesome and as it is being built, we start realizing that the ocean and jungle views are going to be more dramatic than we had thought at the beginning.
The YouTube video below shows one-week worth of progress in 2.5 minutes, fun to watch.

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